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There are a number of reasons why your roof may need a repair. Perhaps it has been neglected by the previous owners of your dwelling and building, or you've just experienced some really bad weather conditions. Sometimes it's found that a roof may not have been properly installed, or that the flashings (the watertight covers for joints) are failing. The sooner you attend to repairs, the better.

 •  Missing, slipped or broken tiles

 •  Leaking chimney flashings

 •  Dislodged or loose ridge and hip tiles

 •  Torn, ripped or missing linings

 •  Slate roof repairs

 •  Leaking lead valleys

If your roof only needs a minor repair, there's often the temptation to leave things to see if they get any worse. This is almost always a false economy, as the growing damage due to a faulty roof is often invisible. Prevent hefty bills by attending to repairs swiftly.

Roof repairs of all sizes, shapes and descriptions.

Repairs we deal with:

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If your roof is in need of any kind of repair, or you just want us to give it a look over to see that everything is in excellent working order, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We have three decades worth of experience, and the kind of reputation we feel we have every right to be proud of.

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