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If your home or commercial premises or any part of your building has a flat roof, then you will require a little bit of extra help in making sure your roof is able to function properly. Flat roofs can't rely on gravity to help with the removal of rain, snow and debris in the way that a slanted roof can. You need a flat roof to be properly installed, regularly maintained and checked frequently for signs of damage.

 •  Flat roof repair and replacement

 •  Flat roof weather-proofing

 •  Felt roofs

 •  Green roofing

 •  Rubber roofing

 •  Single ply roofing

While it's true that flat roofs have a poor reputation for leakage and allowing water damage, a properly-maintained flat roof is as good a roof as any. Modern flat roofing materials can quite comfortably remove any threat of your roof being less than 100% watertight.

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Extra care for flat roofs

If you have a leaking roof, don't just position a bucket to catch the drips. Damp is one a building's worse enemies and the longer you leave it, the more damage will be caused, and the higher the cost will be to make repairs. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

A leaking roof can cause £££s worth of damage

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